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Bouquet of pink tulips

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Tulips are spring flowers, they are associated with spring heat and the nature awakening. If you are looking for an unobtrusive but harmonious bouquet, you should choose tulips. Pink tulips look very gentle and reverent. A minimum design, only satin ribbon completes this delightful composition. A win-win option for any holiday: Birthday, International Woman's Day, or a professional holiday. For example, such a bouquet will be quite to the point for a colleague and will delight with its unrivaled look. Tulips stay fresh for a long time and will remind the owner about you.

As the tulips have a thin and graceful stalk with a minimum quantity of leaves, for an organic bouquet, we recommend to order the quantity of 15-17 tulips. In Europe and America, it is accepted to present even amount of flowers, generally the amount, which is multiple of 12 (dozen). In the countries of the former USSR uneven number is accepted, and quantity is chosen depending on desire and opportunity. The cost of delivery of any number of bouquets to one address in the city of Abu Dhabi is 3$

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"Present" gifts delivery service guarantees order execution in accordance with your choice on My-Present web site. The order is delivered to the specified address once it is agreed with the receiver. When placing the order we take into account all clients preferences which were entered into the box Additional information.

If the client for some reason is not satisfied with the order execution or with the quality of the bouquet delivered, please notify us within 24 hours and we will change the bouquet free.

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Shipping costs to the city of Abu Dhabi - 3.00$